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Fernando Marquez Jr. Invents A Web3.0 Solution To Save Time & Advocate For Online Well-being

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Fernando Marquez Jr. Invents A Web3.0 Solution To Save Time & Advocate For Online Well-being

January 12
22:21 2022
FOUNDED IN DETROIT: Marquez Displays Software Invention For Startup “The Homescreen Connection” Promoting Mindful-Digital Awareness & Responsibility in 2022 & Beyond.


Mr. Marquez has always been someone who enjoyed making life more enjoyable for those around him. He believes it’s everyone’s duty to come up with swift ways of making a big difference by simplifying the world around one another. Fernando graduated in 2014 from Wyandotte’s Roosevelt High School in Michigan with numerous academic scholarships and athletic achievements. Fernando has been finalizing aspects of a provisional with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office on behalf of The Homescreen Connection per software counsel. Optimizing or “cleaning up” a “web of webs” is how this inventor and entrepreneur views his startup.


Connects any variation of a particular person, idea or brand’s online presence in an age-friendly intuitive manner. The means of arranging icons that appear on the Homescreen-19™ intends to create a “decentralized” avenue of information based on the decision maker of the respective copyright(s), trademark(s) and or collections of intellectual property owned by a brand/entity/organization, person & or entertainer(s). Users of the invention will find more simplicity accessing information about their favorite brand/entity/organization, person & or entertainer(s) in one spot than ever before. This startup allows for an entire digital footprint to be displayed based on a particular person(s), topic or brand’s most relevant apps, hashtags, profiles, galleries, non-fungible tokens, metaverses, websites, calls to action, etc.

The invention enables any brand/entity/organization, person & or entertainer(s) to funnel the purview that comes with traditional means of delivering content, feeds, results, and information; community & non-community based. The Homescreen Connection exists to prevent posts, products and services from being sent to the bottom of manipulative 3rd party platforms. Another aspect the company aims to focus on is integrity between creators, entertainers, and public officials who want to minimize distractions that come with traditional ways of keeping an audience, faculty or board informed. Minimizing staff and consumer time spent migrating between networks on a day to day, decade to decade basis is prioritized by this startup.

WHITE PAPER: Published July 4, 2021 – http://www.TInyURL.com/WhitePaperTHC.

Fernando takes into account founders of Web 1 and 2 framework like Marc Andreessen, Tim Berners-Lee, and the Winklevoss’. While initially inspired by works of Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, Booker T. Washington, William V. Campbell, Andrew Grove, Dave Rothschild, Gary Vaynerchuk and many others. The Homescreen Connection is focused on a mindful awareness relationship with health and technology. Marquez expresses his viewpoint regarding adoption of many digital custodians who closely resemble one another via: Blockchain, Social Media, NFT, Metaverse, Smart Contract, Search Engine, Branded Apps, Fintech, etc.

“In a way, there is no such thing as ‘decentralized’; every asset has a control center or regulator to oversee the release and collection of a commodity, good or service. The closest one can get to decentralization – in Web 3.0 – is allowing the respective creator(s) decide what intermediaries they trust most to collect, store, or profit from data and stats about an audience of niche consumers.” – FMJ

Media Contact
Company Name: The Homescreen Connection
Contact Person: Fernando Marquez Jr.
Email: Send Email
Phone: 7344078341
Country: United States
Website: http://www.thehomescreenconnection.com/