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Zahnymous is set to Revolutionize the DeFi Space by creating fluidity through their innovative ZAH card

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Zahnymous is set to Revolutionize the DeFi Space by creating fluidity through their innovative ZAH card

January 08
01:12 2022
Zahnymous is set to Revolutionize the DeFi Space by creating fluidity through their innovative ZAH card
Zahnymous is redefining the future of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space with state-of-the-art technology allowing for the seamless transfer of crypto to FIAT.

Zahnymous is delighted to announce the launch of the ZAH brand, an innovative project which is based on their proprietary technology. With the launch of Zahnymous, the technology of the ZAH card promises to bring more fluidity in the crypto world. This is going to be another exciting proposition in the DeFi world that continues to evolve every day with the incorporation of innovative ideas and technologies. By integrating DeFi with ZAH card utility, Zahnymous is taking it into an altogether new dimension.


“We are excited to introduce our feature-packed and unique ZAH card which is going to transform the DeFi space,” says a spokesperson at Zahnymous. “Our team has put in significant efforts in the development of this exciting utility. We are sure the DeFi enthusiasts will love the functionality that we are bringing on-board through the launch of ZAH cards in 2022.”

One of the significant problems with crypto is that it is not liquid or fluid in the physical world. This means the only way to use crypto for purchase is through a centralized manner. Users would have to sell their tokens, and then they would exchange them back into FIAT using a bank. ACH transfer and wire transfer can also take a significant amount of time to clear along with an exorbitant amount of fees, thus creating a hindrance in bridging crypto to real-world uses. Hence, the birth of the ZAH card.


The ZAH card is a decentralized platform powered by a blockchain known as Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The multi-currency ZAH card automatically converts ZAH tokens to most local currencies at the point of sale.

“We are trying to address the fluidity problem associated with the crypto world. Crypto spending is mostly controlled and centralized by institutions. Zahnymous allows for a way to spend your crypto freely in the physical world without any KYC or identification. Bringing the core values of blockchain and anonymity into crypto spending,” explains the representative from Zahnymous.

As the blockchain technology continues to grow in popularity, investment in crypto assets is also on the rise as investors want to diversity their portfolio to include alternative investment classes. Some of the crypto assets have multiplied in their value over a very short period of time making them a lucrative asset class for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.

The global crypto and NFT market is said to be worth several billions of dollars. The market has undoubtedly turned heads in 2021 and the space continues to widen, with the increasing popularity of digital assets.

Zahnymous has been launched with a vision to make the most of blockchain and DeFi technology by building an integrated economic and social structure coupled with a unique utility that would make it fun and appealing for the digital investors.

Zahnymous offers more than just another digital asset class; it’s creating a decentralized investor-owned economy, where investors benefit from the liquidity that it creates and are also well compensated through the value created by the DeFi and crypto ecosystem.

In their proposed roadmap, Zahnymous team shows its commitment to the development of the Zahnymous ecosystem. They plan to add more exciting features and utilities in the near future. The roadmap is broadly divided into 4 phases.

Phase 1 includes launch of website, social media profiles, team set-up, contract deployment, etc. In Phase 2, they plan to finish the development of ZAH Card Platform v1 and roll it out. The team also plans to onboard at least 1,000 Members and reach 100+ Holders milestone. In Phase 3, they plan to start development of ZAH Card Platform v2 and also reach 10,000+ members and 1,000+ Holders. In Phase 4, the team plans to roll out ZAH CARD v2 and reach 100,000+ Members and 10,000+ Holders. In this Phase, they also plan to focus on POS Integration Possibility and the global expansion of the ZAH brand.

The roadmap is a clear reflection of team’s dedication to continuously invest in research and development to offer the latest technology applications to their users.

“Our goal is that Zahnymous will one day be a hub where users may access any asset they desire. We can envision a future where cryptocurrencies and FIAT may become liquid effortlessly worldwide thanks to tokenization,” says the representative from Zahnymous.

Zahnymous is gaining more popularity every day. This is a perfect opportunity for blockchain and crypto investors and collectors to own a piece of this wonderful token, which will be available at a very reasonable floor price very soon.

Everyday more users are becoming proud owners of Zahnymous, so don’t expect the floor price to stay low for very long. It’s probably safe to say that Zahnymous is poised to take the digital investor community by storm.

About Zahnymous

Zahnymous is an amalgamation of ZAH and Anonymity. ZAH is a way to instantly send and liquidate crypto to FIAT, using a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) application that incorporates an integration from crypto to card.

Zahnymous is here to bridge the gap between crypto and FIAT currency, making crypto spending easy and accessible in the real world.

To find out more about the Zahnymous and ZAH Card, send an email or reach out via their website.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zahnymous/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs6WmBWwWY9C2C64KqG6rqQ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zahnymous

Telegram: https://t.me/Zahnymous

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