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Biohacker Cafe Launches Nootropic Infused Coffee with L-Theanine

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Biohacker Cafe Launches Nootropic Infused Coffee with L-Theanine

January 08
01:09 2022
This company’s Serene Cognition Enhanced Coffee made from 100% Arabica beans is also Fair-Trade Organic and Single-Origin.

For today’s workforce, nothing beats starting the day with a good cup of coffee. Coffee not only energizes but lifts one’s mood too. Plus, it can improve physical performance and burn fat as well. Some coffee brands today offer more than just this. Enhanced coffee products, or coffee brands that offer more than just the benefits of regular coffee, are flying off the shelves. For those who want to get premium-tasting enhanced coffee, Biohacker Cafe introduces its Serene Cognition Enhanced Coffee with L-Theanine that has coffee beans sourced from farms in the Andes Mountains in Cajamarca, San Ignacio Province in Peru.

“Our Single Origin Peruvian Coffee is known for its medium, full-bodied roast with delicious Chocolate, Black Tea, and Honey notes. The coffee is grown and hand-picked in Cajamarca, Peru, at higher altitudes, above 1,300 meters. This and the country’s rain forest climate make our Peruvian beans especially rich in flavor and depth,” Biohacker Cafe founder and CEO Chris Fernandez said.

“We believe you can drink real, delicious coffee, feel great and not kill its authentic aroma with countless additives. Our formulas contain only the minimum amount of the most proven highest quality health products to help you make the most of your day while staying true to true coffee,” he added.

Biohacker Cafe ensures that its coffee only comes from top makers of Organic and Fair-Trade certified sources. This way, the Peruvian local farmers, who are responsible for gathering the brand’s exceptional coffee beans, get proper compensation for all their hard work.

Chris started Biohacker Cafe to share his biohacking knowledge with his loved ones and friends. Like many entrepreneurs, his goal is to help as many individuals as possible, like how others helped him. Biohacking is defined by Merriam-Webster as using science and technology to improve the body’s functions.

While Chris respects what traditional western medicine provides, he believes that the natural resources available can also help in managing one’s medical conditions or illnesses. Enhanced coffee can also aid others as it helped him. As another innovation in this type of health product, Biohacker Cafe’s Serene Cognition Enhanced Coffee presents a sustainable coffee brand for people looking for a different way to start their mornings.

“I made this a café, not for the coffee, but the environment. I want this to be a place where we can unite for one common cause: to be our better selves. I’ve started this company with coffee products because I truly believe coffee is one of the most important and most accessible hacks in the biohacker’s toolkit. With your support and feedback, I will grow this site to include various methods that a biohacker would use to optimize themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually,” Chris said.

Biohacker Cafe is set to launch more health products in the future. To browse, shop, and know more information about Biohacker Cafe, visit https://www.biohacker.cafe/.

About Biohacker Cafe

Biohacker Cafe brings high-quality single-origin coffee beans infused with L-Theanine to thousands of coffee drinkers. Sourced from ethically-produced local farms in the Andes Mountains in Peru under the Fair Trade agreement, the brand’s Serene Cognition Enhanced Coffee is keto-friendly and premium-tasting. Enjoy enhanced coffee made from small-batch roasted 100% Arabica beans to jumpstart better mornings today.

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