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From Playing Around With The Scissors In The Bedroom To Cutting The Hair Of Celebrities

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From Playing Around With The Scissors In The Bedroom To Cutting The Hair Of Celebrities

December 21
06:21 2021
From Playing Around With The Scissors In The Bedroom To Cutting The Hair Of Celebrities

From humble beginnings to styling celebrities’ hair, Samuel Adereti has come a long way. Growing up, he always knew he wanted to make people look good. Adereti always felt his best after a clean-cut and he knew plenty of other guys who felt the same way. 

This inspired him to learn about cutting and styling hair. He was eager to learn more about hair cutting while perfecting his technique, and his friends were more than willing to let him practice on their heads. Adereti was a natural with the clippers and before he knew it, people were lining up around the block to get an Adereti haircut.

Fresh start with a fresh cut

Cutting hair was something Adereti always knew he wanted to do. He was excited about the instant rush of success he had when he first started his journey. People all around town were calling him and hitting him up on social media to get booked for a cut. There was only one problem though, Adereti didn’t have a workspace.

However, a small challenge like that wasn’t going to hold him back. Adereti is a creative thinker which has helped him get far in his career. He set up a small workspace in his bedroom and got to work cutting hair and building his portfolio. However, his bedroom wasn’t going to cut it as a workspace. Adereti saved his money and invested in his own barbershop in 2019.

Going into this barbershop, Adereti already had a good reputation for his cuts. Many clients were excited to get an appointment in the new shop, so it didn’t take long for Adereti’s book to fill up. 

Everyone wants an Adereti cut

While business during the pandemic was shakey for a lot of organizations, Adereti didn’t have poor luck. A nearby club was purchased from a high player Argentinian that brought in a lot of celebrity guests. It didn’t take long for word on the street to get around on who gave the best haircuts in the city.  

This club brought a lot of celebrity clients to Adereti’s barbershop. He began styling hair for top influencers, athletes, actors, and models in the city. Now Adereti is being sought after by some of his favorite celebrities and is known as one of the top barbers in the country.

For more information, visit Adrereti’s Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/adereti/?hl=en

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