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Social media influencers set off trend of ‘fashionable roofing’

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Social media influencers set off trend of ‘fashionable roofing’

November 30
15:44 2021
Social media influencers set off trend of ‘fashionable roofing’
Emery Construction your Dallas Roofer of choice
Color options for roofs? Like what’s in fashion

Plano, Texas – Thanks to the advancement of modern technology in the past decades, people have more control over their lives than ever. With the internet at their fingertips, people are able to customize almost every single minute detail of their experiences. But it’s not the minor details that are occupying people’s minds these days. Rather, it’s the large, hidden in plain sight features that many are opting to pay up to change.

Social media influencers have set off a trend of fashionable roofing. Many are following suit, choosing to choose roofs that match a particular color scheme or aesthetic rather than basic, default colors and styles that most standard houses come equipped with.

One Dallas roofer, Emery Construction, chimed in on the topic.

“Most people find us by searching ‘residential roofing Dallas’ or even ‘commercial roofing Dallas’ but recently we’ve been getting a lot of calls about our roof color options and people asking for advice on what would look good with their chosen aesthetic,” stated an Emery Construction representative.

Emery Construction is a Plano-based roofing company specializing in both commercial and residential roofing. As one of the most popular roofing companies in the region, the company is familiar with homeowners and even business owners carefully matching their roofing to their aesthetic.

When asked what seems to be in fashion, the Emery Construction representative stated, “Dark colors of gray are most common because they go with any style or aesthetic people have in mind. That’s why dark gray to black is the most standard color scheme for roofs you’ll see in newer neighborhoods. Brown or tan used to be very popular, but I don’t think they’re making a comeback quite yet. We are seeing an interesting trend in colors like dark green or deep red as people style their homes to complement their landscaping.”

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