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SIDUS: NFT HEROES vs. Zed.Run: How do they compare?

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SIDUS: NFT HEROES vs. Zed.Run: How do they compare?

November 30
15:14 2021
SIDUS: NFT HEROES vs. Zed.Run: How do they compare?
Sidus NFT Heroes Vs Zed Run

The non-fungible tokens (NFT) gaming niche exploded in popularity over a relatively short period of time and it’s easy to understand why. 

Not only do gamers get to enjoy their favorite pastime, but they can also earn huge rewards in the form of cryptos while they play. In most games, the longer a gamer spends playing an NFT title, the higher their earning potential becomes. The popularity of the niche has resulted in developers flocking to the scene, spawning countless NFT games in the process. For those confused or undecided about which title to try, here’s a comparison of the two most talked-about games – the soon-to-be-released SIDUS NFT HEROES and Zed.Run.

A glimpse into the upcoming SIDUS HEROES game

As a futuristic, NFT, MMORPG, adventurous gamers will surely love what SIDUS NFT HEROES has to offer. There’s tons of adventure waiting for players as they explore and plunder the vast universe of the game to gain riches and glory.

Competitive gamers will likewise find the game completely immersive. Players can engage in PvP fights to find out who’s boss. They can also unite together in multiplayer mode to build legions and rise together.

The developers of the game are keen to deliver as engaging an experience as possible, doing away with some of the repetitive actions found in other NFT games. The game also keeps things exciting with the sheer number of Heroes that players can own.

There are 6,000 unique characters in SIDUS HEROES, divided into three categories. The game contains 4,500 Original NFT Heroes (which includes 500 Partnership Heroes), 1,000 Rare NFT Heroes, and 500 Legendary Heroes.

At the start of the game, only 4,000 of the Original NFT Heroes (not counting the Partnership Heroes) are available for players to purchase

online. However, they can evolve into Rare or even Legendary NFT Heroes with the use of upgrade cards, purchased in-game.

There’s a very compelling reason why players should want to upgrade their Heroes as soon as possible. It’s that Legendary and Rare Heroes enjoy a higher status compared to ordinary ones and that translates into bigger rewards in the Galaxy Staking feature.

What does Zed.Run has to offer?

Zed.Run is an NFT-based, horse racing game. The platform was launched in 2019 and the horses featured in the game were only sold for $30. The game proved to be so popular though that horses in the game’s own marketplace tend to be sold-out, due to the high demand.

Meanwhile, some horses on the secondary market can sell for as high as $150,000. A complete stable full of horses can cost as much as $225,000, depending on the quality of the stock. 

The key to making it big in the game is finding a strategy that leads to successfully building a stable full of champion racehorses. When buying a horse, there are a few things to consider, such as bloodline, genotype, breed type, gender, and coat color.

The comparison 

While both games are undoubtedly exciting to play, SIDUS NFT HEROES and Zed.Run appear to be targeting different kinds of gamers. As a sport, horse racing generally appeals to the older generation, so Zed.Run’s gameplay might be less to the liking of younger gamers.

However, Zed.Run has proven to be very successful if we look at the high demand of its horses and their astronomical prices. Even those not interested in horse racing might, on account, find its earning potential too enticing to ignore.

For the younger gamers, SIDUS NFT HEROES may prove to be more appealing based on its gameplay, which offers pathways for both loner and team based play. After all, numerous space-based strategy games have seen plenty of success in the past so it’s conceivable that gamers will feel right at home with its space-based theme. Throw in the allure of potential earnings and SIDUS NFT HEROES could prove to be just as successful, once it is released.

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