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Drama The Artist – A Hardworking Independent Artist Taking The Musical Industry By Storm

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Drama The Artist – A Hardworking Independent Artist Taking The Musical Industry By Storm

October 22
22:33 2021
The Human Dynamo of The Industry Drama the Artist is the name behind more than ten years of a hardworking, passionate journey to make his art an unforgettable experience through his versatile albums and various releases.

The path to stardom is no longer a straight and predictable one. Drama The Artist has challenged the age-old notion that an artist can only be famous if signed to a major record label. Instead, he has worked tirelessly for ten years as an independent artist and graphic designer to establish a successful career in music and as a live performer. His past with rock/punk bands and pop punk/post-hardcore influence can be felt clearly in the styles and sounds he creates. He is also working on a side project dynamic duo alongside friend and fellow artist “Fr!day”. Together the pair is known as Star Lordz. Aside from the music, Drama has built a successful career creating art for other independent artists and small businesses. Whether it be logo creation, designing album covers or simply creating fliers for shows and promotional content. He has been the go-to guy in the Midwest. During the pandemic however, it became evident that he would need to pivot his business to stay afloat.

Drama (aka Caleb Bruns) didn’t let this worry or stop him and instead started to offer new services. In 2020 he added Web-Design to his list of services which offers basic SEO. He’s designed quite a few sites now and is pleased to report lots of happy customers. “It doesn’t feel like work when I’m helping change how people feel about their business or musical release. I do it for the passion” He says. He has also begun offering photography services for live events, creating lyric videos, and most importantly merch duplication. He’s seen a lot of recent success from making custom clothing, keychains, custom ashtrays and grinders and more. He hopes to remain in demand for independent artists and small businesses and continues to work on growing and perfecting the new wing of his business. He is excited to be known as more than simply a rising star in the music industry by now extending his multi-headed business to the public. He is a budding entrepreneur who founded his small business to assist companies and independent artists of all sizes and stages to help them thrive in the digital age.

To establish a lasting first impression, he offers an exceptionally diverse experience that goes above and beyond conventional website creation. Wondering how to generate more traction for your music or business? If so Drama the Artist is the person to contact. He strives to treat everyone he meets with a level of respect and professionalism that is unrivaled in both the music scene and in a business setting. Moreover, he designs robust, appealing, and consumer-friendly graphics with an out-of-the-box approach. With his eagle-eye strategy, he provides cutting-edge services from graphic design to SEO and beyond. He is well-known and adored in his home bases of Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska for making both his music and his business enjoyable, pleasurable, and, unmatched in quality and professionalism. The Artist and his creative team are gifted with the capacity to create incredible experiences and live performances that are sure to leave people talking. He is currently marketing his recently released single “Sun Stain” and working hard to grow as an artist and business. Overall, his incredible music albums have garnered him a lot of attention. Attention he hopes to turn into a sustainable business to help independent artists succeed.

Media Contact
Company Name: Drama the Artist
Contact Person: Caleb Bruns
Email: Send Email
City: Lincoln
State: Nebraska
Country: United States
Website: dramatheartist.com