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Jurassic Studio’s Wanderlust Dinosaurs Collection kickstarts Children’s Imagination During Lockdowns

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Jurassic Studio’s Wanderlust Dinosaurs Collection kickstarts Children’s Imagination During Lockdowns

March 03
04:06 2021
This exclusive jurassic dinosaur art collection will inspire both children and adults alike to learn more about about the world’s most famous tourist destinations.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on people from all walks of life and has been especially hard for kids. Being cooped up at home has led to boredom, less enthusiasm for play, and in many cases, has caused kids to lose their sense of adventure and wonder, and it reduced the use of their imagination.

What’s needed is something to kickstart their imagination into overdrive, and to start them thinking about what’s out there in the world once again – and that’s where the Wanderlust Dinosaurs Art series comes in.

Dinosaurs were around millions of years ago, and they lived in many different environments. Jurassic Studio has reimagined their whole ecosystem and brought them into the present time tromping or flying around some of the most well-known landmarks around the world.

Imagine a Pterodactyl flying over Mount Fuji, a Triceratops racing a London bus, a T-Rex walking by the Statue of Liberty, a Spinosaurus in Paris, a Brontosaurus in Rio de Janeiro, a Stegosaurus chilling in Waikiki beach in Hawaii…what adventures would they go on?

It’s not a secret that kids love dinosaurs and seeing them in modern cities around the globe is sure to spark their imagination. Perhaps they’ve visited one of these locations and have happy memories of it, or maybe they’ll have a destination they’d love to travel to in the future.

The Wanderlust Dinosaurs series lets children spread the wings of their imagination, flying around the globe to meet their dinosaur friends and have a fun time, fully unencumbered by the restrictions that COVID-19 has placed on their lives.

Every artwork in the Wanderlust Dinosaurs series includes an instantly recognizable location with well-known landmarks, surrounded by a menagerie of dinosaurs who are just doing their own thing. Stylish and colorful, no matter where you hang them, they’re certain to become a talking point for everyone that sees them. Each artwork is available in a range of sizes that will fit in any room perfectly.

The Wanderlust Dinosaurs series comes in also as a traditional 252 jigsaw piece puzzles. The jigsaw puzzle is the perfect family indoor game of all time. This brain sharpening pastime will surely help children stay away from TV and other screens and engage them with some good old fashioned mental exercise that is also fun and safe at the same time.

Jurassic Studio also offers also exclusive dinosaur apparel with more than 50 unique T-shirt designs for both kids and adults to chose from.

To learn more please visit https://www.Jurassic.Studio

About Jurassic Studio

Jurassic Studio is the go-to online shop for dinosaur fans of all ages. They sell exclusive dinosaur wall art, T-shirts, puzzles, blankets, mugs and much more.

Anyone can bring a dinosaur home from Jurassic Studio. Just don’t forget to feed it!

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