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FET Logistics – Transforming Cold Chains and Controlled Room Temperature Transportation

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FET Logistics – Transforming Cold Chains and Controlled Room Temperature Transportation

October 07
18:14 2020

Temperature-sensitive drugs are on the rise, and over the next few years, we’ll be seeing them more than ever. Controlled Room Temperature is gradually becoming a significant temperature range that has the potential to become the single most important requirement for the transportation of pharmaceutical goods.

FET Logistics is an industry leader that provides healthcare logistics for high-value temperature-sensitive drugs. The company has hands-on experience in the transportation of both high-value consignments and pharmaceuticals to their destinations all over the UK and Europe.

What makes FET Logistics special?

FET’s fleet is fitted with the most modern GPS remote monitoring systems, which is designed for the vehicle’s refrigeration unit, and that’s not all; it also has a second locking facility with panic buttons that are monitored 24/7 for driver’s assistance.

What about temperature-controlled transportation?

FET ensures the security and integrity of every product they deliver as they have hugely invested in their fleet of temperature controlled vehicles, vehicle’s refrigeration, and dual temperature vehicles, so they can provide remote temperature monitoring. This comes along with a visual and audible alarm and a GPS linked for the precise position with live temperature reports, guaranteeing the safe delivery of sensitive medications.

The pharmaceuticals market is on the rise, and FET logistics is paving the way for it

The pharmaceutical industry has come a long way, and it is predicted that by 2020 the global market will grow to over $1 trillion – this stat is driven by rising wealth levels and by aging demographics in developing countries. Given these growth trends, the losses are also expected to rise unless preventive logistic procedures are implemented to ensure the safety of sensitive goods during their transportation.

This is where FET Logistics comes in; FET is improving and introducing innovative changes to the existing supply chains while focusing on data logging, cold chain monitoring, and precise temperature monitoring because it can hugely help suppliers in preserving the integrity of products while saving a lot of money on damaged or spoilt drugs.

Quality assurance guaranteed

FET is famous for its quality assurance because its ISO 9001 2015 system makes sure that a quality management system is always running throughout every stage of the transportation of sensitive medications. And that’s not all; every driver has a minimum of 5 years checkable work history, along with Level D aviation security and trained in Pharmaceutical and high-value movements. The vehicles used for transportation of pharmaceuticals are also ATP Certified – ensuring the highest level of safety and protection for every good that is in care of FET Logistics.

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