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MobiusTrend: Amazon, Google and WIMI Invest in Chips, Accelerating 5G Development

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MobiusTrend: Amazon, Google and WIMI Invest in Chips, Accelerating 5G Development

August 10
11:36 2020

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘Amazon, Google and WIMI invest in chip field, accelerating 5G development.’ Investing in chips is a new trend for IT giants. A few years ago, Google launched its TPU (Tensor Processing Units) project, hoping to improve the cost performance of chips. So far, Google’s development of TPU has evolved into the second generation. According to Google’s tests, TPU takes only half of the time when training for machine learning, compared to the GPUs in the market. The launch of Google’s TPU is mainly due to the lack of chips to meet their needs in the market, which makes them enter the field of self-research chips.

Amazon released two new cloud server chips at the AWS re:Invent Conference, the high-performance processor chip Graviton2, and the high-performance machine learning acceleration chip Inferentia. The Graviton2 processor is the second-generation high-performance cloud processor chip developed by Amazon. Another chip released by Amazon is Inferentia, which is used to accelerate machine learning reasoning calculations.

As a leading enterprise of holographic vision AR in China, WIMI Hologram Cloud focuses on visual hologram cloud services. Recently, WIMI has announced the establishment of a joint venture for its Hong Kong subsidiary to carry on business in the semiconductor market. There are two main reasons for doing this. On the one hand, the application demand of the semiconductor industry in holographic 3D vision is snowballing, which brings enormous market potential. The establishment of a company is conducive to expanding the semiconductor industry and integrating market resources rapidly. On the other hand, it will help the company extend the holographic 3D vision software field from the application layer down to the chip field. Meanwhile, WIMI is implementing the holographic 3D “software + hardware” strategy, which may be a strategic upgrade for the enterprise.

WIMI has profound technical accumulation in the field of holographic 3D vision software. And it has hundreds of related patents and software copyrights, laying the foundation for its business in the chip field. Furthermore, WIMI aims to establish a business ecosystem based on the application of holographic technology.

Concerning the development trends in the field of electronic technology, the first stage is the establishment of 5G network standards. The second stage is the development of 5G chips. The third stage is the development and tests of terminal equipment. At present, operators, chip manufacturers, and terminal manufacturers have entered the intensive phase of prototype testing, and the commercial application of 5G enters the all-round sprint phase.

In the 5G era, the application of 5G revolves around the four-layer system, from increasingly terminal intelligence to network efficiency, to digitize information. And finally, tightly integrated with the traditional industry to give birth to the emerging information products and services, which are based on 5G, reshaping the industrial development model. Meanwhile, automotive electronics, communications electronics, and industrial/medical electronics will be the fastest-growing application markets in the next three years. The continued investment of IT giants in the chip field will significantly accelerate the development of 5G.

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