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Player Spotlight on Kevin Madiamba: The One to Watch

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Player Spotlight on Kevin Madiamba: The One to Watch

July 31
05:32 2020

At only 25 years old, Kevin Madiamba has spent the last 5 years of his life playing on the international stage, and has some experience playing internationally even before that.

At just 17 years old, Kevin Madiamba landed in the US (Los Angeles), where he spent the next 4 years playing and training from coast to coast. After returning home to Switzerland at 21, he’s now heading towards a promising career in the professional 3×3 basketball world, with his eyes set firmly on Tokyo 2021. 

3×3 Basketball 

Basketball fans won’t be a stranger to the schoolyard-style of 3×3 basketball, but here’s a rundown of why we’re so excited to spotlight this new player. 3×3 basketball is played with a single net on half a court, 3 versus 3 on each team. Each team can have on substitute, but that’s it. There’s no defense and offence, it’s a true test of a player’s mettle. The first team to 21 points wins, or the highest score when 10 minutes are up. As you can tell, it’s a lightning-fast game that does not let up. 

Madiamba’s close family network 

Kevin Madiamba was born in Romont, Switzerland, to Congolese parents. With four sisters at home, Madiamba’s household was always busy and full of activity. He took up playing basketball when he was just 11 and soon began to show promise as a young player. The following year, he decided to leave Romont for the Friborg Olympic Academy. 

At the mere age of 17, Madiamba was contacted by a number of agencies who offered him places on various basketball teams. He was offered places in schools in France, Italy and the United States. He accepted a place in a school in the US and ventured out to Los Angeles to begin his career. This was a tough decision, as he was used to his life at home with his family, but he knew it had to be done if he was going to reach his full potential as a player. He recalls missing his family in his first few months in the US, but the experiences he was able to have (such as playing in Las Vegas) made his decision firmly the right one. 

A change of scenery

During Madiamba’s time in California, his team coach was fired, leaving him concerned about the change in mentorship. He was not sure if he would enjoy being taught and coached by someone new, which made him unsure of himself. Thankfully, the agency that had offered him his current place pre-empted this and offered him a place in another high school, this time in New York. This was the beginning of a 3-year career in New York, where he later went to college.

Notable progress

The determined young player improved significantly in his second year at college, holding statistics of 27 minutes of play, 7 points and five rebounds. The team trained every day, sometimes twice a day. Some young players from this league later went on to try out in the NBA. Madiamba showed great tenacity throughout his time in college, and powered through every training session, no matter how challenging it was. He was determined to succeed in this game, and nothing was going to get in the way of this dream. 

Madiamba later went on to travel with his team, having been naturalized as a Swiss citizen aged 19. He was given a chance to play in South Korea with the Under 25 national team, where they played against notable teams such as Turkey, Serbia, Brazil, and the United States. By the end of their trip, the team had won three out of eight matches, and he’d gained the experience that would set him up perfectly for the Tokyo Olympics. 

Goals and aspirations

Like all other 3×3 basketball players, Kevin Madiamba dreams of even more travel and success for his career. He hopes to take his career all over the world, winning as many matches as possible, and has his sights set on the Tokyo Olympics. 

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