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Industrial Product Companies are Essential During this Time

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Industrial Product Companies are Essential During this Time

July 31
02:30 2020
Industrial Product Companies are Essential During this Time

Amid the Covid-19 shutdowns, essential businesses are called to remain open and keep the economy moving. Not only are these businesses charged with keeping the economy afloat, but they are also providing necessary support to the public as they adjust their lives to the pandemic-induced new reality. One of the most important industries that have remained open is industrial product companies like California Industrial Rubber Co.

These companies provide support by manufacturing a variety of products and equipment necessary to keep people housed, fed, and healthy. Visiting https://www.cir.net/ shows some crucial services provided during this time by industrial product companies, including:

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) encompasses a wide range of products meant to keep the wearer safe from harm due to potential contaminants, including pathogens and harmful chemicals. Nearly everyone knows the importance of wearing a mask in current times and California Industrial Rubber Co. produces not only masks but a few other key pieces of PPE.

  • Dust Masks. Since the CDC has updated its guidance on wearing masks, the demand for these things has skyrocketed. Dust masks are the most basic type of facial covering, protecting the wearer from inhaling irritants like dust. It may also reduce the spread of virus particles expelled by an infected person wearing the mask.

  • Respirator Masks. Respirator masks feature a plastic respirator that allows expelled air to escape through it without increasing the wearer’s contaminant exposure. The most in-demand respirator mask are those considered N95 masks. These respirator masks can filter particles larger than .3 microns, which make them capable of filtering out virus particles. California Industrial Rubber Co. carries these masks in addition to the FDA certified K95 mask.

  • Respirators. Respirators provide the same amount of protection as an N95 mask with the addition of being able to filter out harmful fumes. Many essential businesses have workers exposed to asbestos or spray paint in the line of duty. California Industrial Rubber Co.’s respirators provide these essential workers with protection against these contaminants.

  • Tyvek Coveralls. Tyvek coveralls are disposable full-body suits that provide the wearer with the ultimate protection against contact with deadly pathogens or harmful contaminants. These are in high demand in medical facilities dealing with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. California Industrial Rubber Co. provides these crucial pieces of PPE to businesses all over California and Nevada.

  • Safety Glasses & Goggles. Eyewear is important for keeping safe while working in a variety of industries. Food services industries and medical industries are not shuttering their businesses because of the pandemic, so they must have the proper eyewear to keep them safe. California Industrial Rubber Co. provides safety glasses and goggles that protect the wearer’s eyes from potential contaminants, pathogens, dust, and other hazardous materials while on the job.

  • Gloves. Second, only masks, gloves are in high demand during this time. No matter the industry, essential workers that need gloves to do their job rely on companies like California Industrial Rubber Co. to provide them with the PPE that they need.

Food-Grade Conveyor Belts

One of the most important industries to remain open during the Covid-19 pandemic shutdowns are food production companies. These companies rely on food-grade conveyor belts to keep their business flowing, making access to these extremely important. California Industrial Rubber Co. provides businesses in California and Nevada with these essential pieces of equipment.

For more information on the essential services provided, visit https://www.cir.net/contact-us. There has been an unprecedented number of businesses temporarily or permanently closing their doors since various states’ governments began issuing stay at home orders in March. The businesses that remain open during this time require certain protective gear and equipment to maintain operations. California Industrial Rubber Co. provides several types of industrial products critical for businesses that are still open to having these on hand. 

California Industrial Rubber Co.

California Industrial Rubber Company has been providing businesses in California and Nevada with industrial and agriculture rubber products for over 60 years. With six branches total, they deliver high-quality products to businesses large and small with an emphasis on exceptional service.

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