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Separate & Redistribute – 7.6 billion people for a centralist climate movement

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Separate & Redistribute – 7.6 billion people for a centralist climate movement

June 06
00:57 2020
Separate & Redistribute - 7.6 billion people for a centralist climate movement

“Separate & Redistribute” by Christoph J. Rohland
In his book “Separate & Redistribute”, Christoph J. Rohland introduces global geopolitics, which solve current environmental and climate issues and illustrate individual engagement.

“Separate & Redistribute” by Christoph J. Rohland

Climate and environmental decisions find only limited acceptance in the state environment of each country and therefore are never implementable for cross-border geopolitics. Every country still addresses environmental issues in their own best interests. Therefore, it is imperative, that all 196 states come together to form a strong geopolitical global community.

The author of the clever non-fiction book “Separate & Redistribute”, Christoph J. Rohland, makes understandable, that all citizens, their governments and also their companies have a global responsibility on environmental and climate issues. It will be the duty of a redefined World Council, to separate natural cross-border resources from national ownership of each nation and redistribute them to all continents.This new World Climate Council (WCC) will be able to take national (state) decisions, identify international solutions and declare them legally binding for all nations.

Rohland’s book and the website www.climate-solution.org contain a model letter for all people. The author calls for the leaders in politics and business in all nations of the world to lead their citizens in a strong and economical manner, so that the impending climate catastrophe can be averted everywhere.

There is something remarkable in Rohland’s non-fiction book: The author shows that everyone can take part in this project. You can use the author’s model as a base for your own appeal or write your own text with the help of the book. Then these appeals will be distributed to the readers’ most important contacts all over the world. People become part of an international climate movement and the planet obtains a  chance to be saved from a climate catastrophe.

“Separate & Redistribute” is a must-read for everyone who knows that there is not much time left to act. This startling essay is now available by tredition and can also be ordered in paperback ISBN 978-3-347-06962-6, Hardcover ISBN 978-3-347-06884-1 or E-Book ISBN 978-3-347-06885-8.

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