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Santor UNG52 Speech Protector wins FBI authorization contract

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Santor UNG52 Speech Protector wins FBI authorization contract

October 30
00:39 2019

Washington, USA – October 29, 2019 – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) awarded Santor Security Inc. a firm-fixed price contract on a one time, sole source basis for the provision of the Santor UNG52 speech protector, a patent-pending product from Santor Security. Santor UNG52 protects conversations from sound recorders (analog or digital), microphones and direct listening.

There are similar products in the market that are only based on disturbing the voice recording by using white noise generators, which provides a very limited protection against serious eavesdropping threats. The UNG52 is a smart Acoustic Dynamic Platform, providing a unique and comprehensive speech protection solution that doesn’t just affect most of the recorders on the market, but goes further by protecting your speech (even if recorded) using a very innovative approach.

The UNG52 offers two different sound generation techniques to maximize your speech protection (Voice Mix Mode & Discreet mode), that once used in combination offer the most effective speech protection in the market.

The Voice Mix Mode generates a “background noise” that can be customized by integrating the user(s) voice(s) frequencies (up to 08 recorded voices) via SANTOR mobile user interface (available in the App store and Google Play). Users voices will be processed by SANTOR’s algorithm (voice scrambling), resulting in masking your voice (using your own voice frequencies) from the direct human listening and degrading considerably the quality of any possible recording.

The UNG52 Discrete mode generates dynamic Ultra-High frequencies (Inaudible for human) that directly affects the microphone membrane and saturates the electronics (so that ensuring the ultimate discretion). This will considerably reduce the risk of being victim of being eavesdropped or recorded. The discreet mode affects most of the microphones on the market, including very sophisticated mini-recorders, major smartphone brands and built-in smartphones recording APPs, recording pens, wired and wireless microphones, eavesdropping devices, smart wearable gadgets, among others.

The UNG52 firmware is regularly updated via the mobile application to maintain the highest standard of protection against the new microphones coming to the market. Thanks to SANTOR R&D team efforts, the heart of the solution (algorithms) is being constantly improved and developed.

Due to the uniqueness of the UNG52 solution and its very powerful speech protection capability, and under the regulation authority of FAR 13.106-1(B)(1), The FBI and Santor Security Inc started negotiations that led to the present contract.



About Santor Security

Founded in 2014, Santor Security Inc. has specialized in product development in the field of security and the provision of technical surveillance countermeasure services. Santor is the first company in the world to market a device equipped with remotely updatable software that reduces the risk of oral information leakage: the UNG52. The company has received several awards following the presentation of this product at specialized events.

Its customer base includes government intelligence agencies, public and private institutions, research and development centers, high-tech companies, financial organizations, law firms and business owners, among many others.

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