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Major Daughter has announced her 2019 biggest events

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Major Daughter has announced her 2019 biggest events

October 22
21:18 2019

Major Daughter, a native of South Africa, aim to spread the gospel through bestsellers books, as well as television, slots on radio and in church services. This has not only brought hope, restoration, deliverance, divine healing and salvation to many homes in South Africa, but also across the world.

She has announced 3 large events, inviting everyone to join.

The Global Online Prayer Conference, set on the 26th of October 2019

“The Global Online Prayer Conference” held on the 26th of October at The State Theatre, Pretoria, RSA will be streamed live in many social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

The Enlightening Tour Event

Major Daughter Hosts Enlightening Tour to the Holy Land for First Time Visitors.

Tour includes visits to traditional Biblical sites, special presentations, accommodations, lunch, dinner, and luxury transportation. She is hosting an enlightening tour to the Holy Land in November for first time visitors to the Glory of all Lands.

To register for the tour, please contact Major Daughter on WhatsApp at +27 71 166 1616 or +27 71 166 4652.  Interested parties may also email her at [email protected] or visit https://majordaughterlive.org.


You can now join Major Daughter and multitudes of people around the world at the GLOBAL NEW YEARS EVE SERVICE and enter 2020 in a blaze of glory. And it doesn’t matter of your specific location, because you can stream the service.

We have asked a few questions to Major Daughter to better understand the impact of her events.

Q. Your events are followed by many people, particularly on Social Media. What are the main reasons behind this awesome participation?

A. Well, all I can say is that God is the key factor behind everything that you and I can see. It is not by anybody’s power or might. It seemed like an impossible feat to surmount when God asked told us to embark on these events. But it was of paramount importance to say YES firsthand to the instructions given by the Holy Spirit.

Traditionally, the church is known as a physical place where people gather to pray and praise God; however, due to the evolution of technology, we apparently cannot stay stagnant. We have to evolve too. There are many people who obviously cannot travel wherever we are. And as a Minister, it is impossible to serve people without being in the same place with them.

So, the only possible means to be together with myriads of people from all over the world at the same time now is by being online with them through the internet. Statistically, there are 7 billion people on earth planet and one-third is on social media platforms. Isn’t that a whopping 2.5 billion people? As aforementioned, ones presence as a minister is quite important to serve the people. For example, the program we call Global Online Prayer Conference relates straightforwardly to the ministry of prayer dished out to every believer by God. If you go through the book of 1st Timothy 2:1-2, you will know exactly what this is all about.

Q. Exactly what is your mission and what or who has been inspired you?

A. Growing up, I realized there are too many heartbroken people in this world. I have come across a whole lot of people who are dealing with depression on a daily basis and find it hard to get out of it. I, however, wish to expend every passing moment of my life in alleviating people’s pain and mending their lives. The reason for my birth is simply to help mankind enjoy happiness.

About what my inspiration is… My Grandfather has been in Ministry all his life and he has been a huge source of inspiration to me. He has made up his mind that, no matter what happens; he will never stop being a believer and a minister of His word. This inspires me a whole lot, because if God could shower him such grace to stand, then I can also abound in such grace too since God never discriminates. I am also inspired by the several testimonies we do hear from people across the world, on how changes their story to glory.

Q. What role Africa has played in your life and in what you do?

A. In God’s plan for mankind, Africa is a special package. God told Jesus’s parent to flee to Egypt when King Herod was searching helter-skelter for Jesus just to murder Him. This goes a long way to show Africa as a cherished land — a continent where love radiates. Another instance was when Jesus was carrying that heavy wooden cross on his way to be crucified. Out of everybody in the crowd showing a pitiful face, it was only one man from Libya, whose name was Simon of Cyrene, who came out and helped him carry the cross. Mark 15:21. This man helped Jesus Christ in the very last hour of His death. Libya is situated on the northern coast of the African continent, just in case you don’t know. This speaks of the last works of Christ. Africa was turned to a pistol in a vision—South Africa became the mouth of the pistol where bullets come out from, while Nigeria became the trigger. The truth is that, Africa has been of great influence in the propagation of the gospel and spreading of love, and this very role has been of major impact to me and what I do.

Media Contact
Company Name: GraceWorld
Contact Person: Major Daughter
Email: Send Email
Phone: +27 71 166 1616
Address:Beyers Naude Drive Rustenburg
City: Rustenburg
State: North West
Country: South Africa
Website: www.majordaughterlive.org