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Taking Stock Market Darling “Beyond Meat” to a Higher Level With “The Baby Food Diet”

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Taking Stock Market Darling “Beyond Meat” to a Higher Level With “The Baby Food Diet”

July 05
07:07 2019

It is clear from blogs, articles, news stories, the stock market and other media sources that eating habits are radically changing. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are in the news on a regular basis. With more access to information, people are beginning to think, before they consume food products. People now understand that while calories do matter, other factors must also be weighed. One lesson I learned on Wall Street is to always follow the trend.  This is the reason, that both Con Agra and Tyson foods are also in the process of developing plant based alternative foods.

John Probandt

Fruits and vegetables grown organically without pesticides and chemicals are now in every grocery store in American. The price for such items is higher than on non-organic choices, but they the biggest sellers. This is a trend which cannot be ignored. The fact is more and more people every day are choosing the healthy alternative. The trend will continue to expand and have a multiplier effect on the demand.

The real challenge is growing healthy food. It all starts with the soil. This is a big statement, and you must listen. The soil from which a crop is grown is the key element in producing healthy fruits and vegetables. Soil is the building block of the crop. Build a home with flimsy wood and you end up with a house that will eventually fall.  You must know if the soil is truly organic, free of pesticides and has not been exposed to man-made fertilizers. Soil is one of the key components to growing healthy non carcinogenic foods.

Even in geographical regions where the soil appears healthy, it is often flawed by, over growing (not resting the land), chemicals such as non-organic fertilizers and pesticides. Soil is a living organism. Such practices have over time have caused much of the worlds soil to become infertile. Even in cases where the soil is fertile, problems may still arise.  Often these practices of pesticides and non-organic fertilizers have created diseased soil. 

There is great news, this damage can be repaired by a modern style of composting. I am aware of a private company “Eco Soil Solutions” that is a company to watch. They are soil scientists and have taken the centuries old art of composting and added new science and intellectual property to the equation. The results are unbelievable. They can cure soil diseases and make infertile soil once again fertile.

You are part of the solution, so please separate your trash. The organic foods you throw away, will indirectly contribute to you next healthy meal. Soil is so important, that I believe in the future, when you buy organic foods, a sign will be displayed as to what type of soil was used to grow that fruit or vegetable.

What you eat, will also impact mood swings, energy and lifespan. We are in an era that evokes a higher consciousness on food and life choices. Why not make your food choices easier? A new book (release day October 15th, 2019), “The Baby Food Diet” is your solution to quick weight loss, permanent body management and good mental health. A way to get slim, become healthy and maintain your target goals. If you look up “The Baby Food Diet” on the internet you will find similar names, but they are much different. What you find on an internet search is simply a fad diet to lose weight quickly. This is not one of those diets, with the exception that you will lose weight at an extremely rapid pace.

The big difference with “The Baby Food Diet” from others is that in addition to losing weight fast, it will stay off forever. “The Baby Food Diet” is hardly for babies, but instead for adults who wish to lose weight and keep it off.  As a side benefit to “The Baby Food Diet”, don’t be surprised if your energy soars. As a result of the diet, your transformation will be nothing short of incredible. You will look great! Your attitude will be positive! If you want to change what is going on around you, then you must first address what is inside you. 

The diet will redefine how you view yourself in relation to others.  It will cause you to appreciate yourself more than in the past. You will discover that you are looking forward to each new day with enthusiasm. The philosophies, not just the way of eating, that are discussed in the book are your answer to creating a slim body and becoming satisfied with your life. The diet is empowering, it is powerful and life altering. It is a well thought out and time-tested solution to weight management. The diet is a catalyst for creating good mental and physical health.

“The Baby Food Diet” can be purchased both in written and audio formats. In addition, you can go to the websites: thebabyfooddiet.com, thebfdiet.com or the app to learn about this amazing diet. The book is designed to be a fast and easy read, giving the reader simple steps to follow and motivational tools to create success. The book is in fact “Life Changing”. This diet will impact your life in such a positive way that you will be thankful beyond what you can imagine. It is normal that a person on “The Baby Food Diet” will find themselves constantly telling their friends of the many wonderful results they have enjoyed since joining the diet.

People in today’s world care about what they consume and their health. This is the reason the stock of Beyond Meat has soared in value.  Some people are vegans, as they are against the killing of animals and others due to various health reasons. Regardless, being a vegan is no longer a closet type of lifestyle, as it is being embraced by a large segment of our population.

The simple fact is that “The Baby Food Diet” works for vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters. Very small modifications can be made to satisfy all three types of diet. If you are a vegan, you will be pleased. If you are a vegetarian, you will be pleased. If you are a meat eater, you will be pleased. “The Baby Food Diet” is the most flexible diet you will find anywhere. Making modifications to the diet is simple and can be done instantly. With life, it is always about choices and with “The Baby Food Diet” you are in control.

“The Baby Food Diet” works for three primary reasons: 1) It is easy to follow 2) It creates new “bite sized mini habits” and 3) Portion control is automatic and super easy.

The first reason the diet works is that it is simple and easy to follow. There is nothing complicated about the diet. This is not only the world’s greatest diet; it is also the diet that will put you on autopilot. Once you have read the book, which takes only ninety minutes, along with some shopping for the food it calls for, you are ready to begin. Your will find that your food costs will go down when you follow the “The Baby Food Diet”.

The second reason the diet works, is that it creates habits. Developing habits is a huge part of “The Baby Food Diet”. A habit is something a person does repeatedly and on a regular basis. Once a habit is formed, it will become an unconscious action, that is part of who you are. A habit takes anywhere from a few days to a few months to be formed.

Habits are formed due to the frequent repetition of something along with attached mental imprinting. Once you have a habit it can added to a routine which will further enforce the unconscious regular behavior.

We have all noticed the warning on packages of cigarettes, to be careful as smoking them may be habit forming and bad for your health. Well that’s the negative side of a habit. The point of the warning is that once a habit is formed, that it is hard to change.

We only hear the negative side of habits, such as the cigarette example. How about the positive side of habits? Why not purposely form good habits, things that benefit you, since they are so hard to get rid of. “The Baby Food Diet” uses this idea of creating good habits as a gigantic factor in creating success.

Developing permanent good habits which will get you slim and help you to stay there forever is a major element of the diet.  Similar to drinking a coffee every morning, “The Baby Food Diet” will become a new permenant habit. You will discover that “The Baby Food Diet” is brilliantly thought out as it is so simple.

The third reason the diet works is due to the portion control that it creates. Portion control is often listed as a key component in many popular diets. The problem with portion control, is that often it is too complicated to implement. Nobody wants to carry measuring cups or scales everywhere they go. Most meals on “The Baby Food Diet” come in pouches that are premeasured, making them easy to consume.

Portion control is automatically created with “The Baby Food Diet: Better than this, the meals can easily be carried in your pocket or bag. There are diets which have advanced prepared meals, but they are normally bulky and often require refrigeration. With “The Baby Food Diet” even if you are a vegan, no refrigeration is required. Most of the meals on “The Baby Food Diet” are premeasured portions and are habit forming, just like that coffee you have every morning at the same time.

When you put it all together “The Baby Food Diet” is your answer to a new better you. A simple way to become the person you want to see when you look in the mirror. Best of all is that the mental benefits of the diet, are “Life Changing”. The book teaches you more than a way to eat, it creates a new you. You will learn a philosophy, which is the key to getting started and staying with the diet. Be aware that the book does repeat itself on one important point. That point is to stop procrastination and start the diet immediately.  Once you accept that that today is the most important day in your life, starting will be easy. 

Indeed, the mental aspects, not just overeating, are why you are overweight in the first place. Overeating is mental and once this is controlled, so is your weight. Getting your head in the right place carries the same importance as eating correctly. This book does more than telling you what to eat. The book teaches the reader mindset techniques that assure success.  “The Baby Food Diet” gives you a way to eat that will become a habit. Habits that will be turned into routines and help in creating a new you. “The Baby Food Diet” is the answer you have been looking for, so grab a copy of the book today and begin the journey of eternal happiness.

The Baby Food Diet is a lifestyle, based on easy to consume superfoods. It is taking the reality of Beyond Meat to a much higher plateau. The books authors visualize half the world’s population eventually following the diet, as it is the permanent solution to all the wonderful things that life offers.  

For information contact us at either: www.thebabyfooddiet.com, [email protected] or [email protected]

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