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RRMine: The most effective business model is mining Bitcoin with 100% SECURE FUND

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RRMine: The most effective business model is mining Bitcoin with 100% SECURE FUND

July 05
05:54 2019

From July 2nd to 3rd, 2019, RRMine (www.rrmine.com) made its debut at the Asia Blockchain Summit as an open international platform, attracted wide attentions.

Asia Blockchain Summit (ABS) is the most influential blockchain event,featured more than 50 countries, 300 companies, 100 top speakers and over 4,000 blockchainers, who are building the foundation of the growing blockchain ecosystem.

Can we still easily own Bitcoin? Bitcoin price soaring,people struggled the time to enter the market ,but anxious about missing the chance

These days, BTC has risen sharply, returned to $10,000 on June 22 . The surge of Bitcoin miners’ profits has also attracted a massive miners, this exacerbate the difficulty of computing. As the high costs of electricity, mining rigs and operations have also risen in the bull market. Obviously, it is too late to start laying out mining industry. However, Bitcoin may ups and downs by more than $1,000 a day. With its fierce volatile,miners dare not to buy or sell rashly, but not willing to miss chance in the bull market. Fortunately,mining from RRMine platform, anytime is the best time ,The fluctuation of Bitcoin only influence on profit rate,but not infringe initial fund at all. Pure bitcoin earnings are deposited into users personal account daily, and can be withdrawn at any time. Users could purchase hashrate contract to mine Bitcoin, and the contract is 100% be sold by RRMine’s guarantee.And crypto earnings will beyond fund’s time cost.

Mining through RRMine, pure Bitcoin rewarding

RRMine’s team made a impressive presentation of the hashrate asset management platform business model, and have communicated with professionals from investment institutions, financial services giants, international media and policy groups.

RRMine achieves matchmaking trading between demand-side and supply-side by using its own infrastructure,no matter what price is Bitcoin, users share benefits of pure Bitcoin regardless of any cost, such as: mining rigs, electricity, operation etc.

1. Flexible Plan:1,3,6 months tailored hashrate contract plan for miners,and be eligible to get earnings.

2. Secure for fund returnable: When the contract expires, RRMine ensures the hashrate contract is transferable or available for buyback by RRMine platform.

3. Diverse returns to get higher yield: RRMine further financial innovation, on the basis of “cloud hashrate mining”, but more than that, it digitizes hashrate, users can not only obtain bitcoin income through mining, but also solve the liquidity of hashrate assets in the secondary market, maximize the profits and minimize the cost.

RRMine’s brand new mining model combines safety and high returns, facilitating users to manage their hashrate assets easily and appreciate steadily. To create an innovative global hashrate asset management platform so as to achieve its terminate goal:empower everyone to own Bitcoin easier.

Hashrate is the engine that drives RRMine

Million Action as a global technology and operations services company for RRMine. Although RRMine is officially launched for a short time, it is powerful enough after two years of sophisticated development. On the basis of strong global hashrate,  RRmine is qualified to do business of asset management platform. As of June 2019, RRMine’s hashrate comes from 17 modern mines in the world, distributed in China, the United States, Canada and other places. Currently, it has more than 10 Billion/year of electricity supply capacity, over 100,000 sets of mining machines 7×24 all-weather supplying more than 1.1 million TH/s. Moreover, it is building a global super-computing center, which is expected to contribute more than 10% of the total Bitcoin network hashrate. 

RRMine is expanding to global aggressively, it officially launched on July 1, 2019, through 2019 Asia Blockchain Summit, it quickly entered the international perspective. With Bitcoin bull market, RRMine will realize more cooperation, and the future potential will be unlimited.

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