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China-hifi-Audio Announces Availability of Deluxe Edition Integrated Tube Amplifiers from Bewitch & Jungson

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China-hifi-Audio Announces Availability of Deluxe Edition Integrated Tube Amplifiers from Bewitch & Jungson

June 27
19:09 2019
The Bewitch 6550 is the 2018 Deluxe Edition tube hi-fi integrated amplifier while the Jungson JA-88D is a Class A Deluxe Edition integrated amplifier with a remote control.

Both Bewitch and Jungson Deluxe Edition tube integrated amplifiers are 100% brand new, and China-hifi-Audiois selling them at reasonable prices. The online store has a significant number of both these products in their stock, and a customer can place an online order for purchasing these tube integrated amplifiers. They keep on adding new products from the reputed brands from time to time, and these two integrated amplifiers have a lot many fans around the world.

China-hifi-Audio Announces Availability of Deluxe Edition Integrated Tube Amplifiers from Bewitch & Jungson

According to the spokesperson of the tube amplifier online store, the Bewitch 6550 Deluxe Edition integrated amplifier is a Russian hi-fi tube integrated amplifier. The 2018 deluxe edition of the amplifier has a shipping weight of 30kg, and is available with a valve cage cover. This brand new tube amplifier is shipped in the original edition box to customers all across the globe. The spokesperson states that this amplifier can work in the dual power supply mode of high voltage and low voltage power supply modes, respectively. It features a modern powerful design with a large black background that creates a strong sense of space. The amplifier is remarkable for its enormously high decomposition and layering, and the signal-to-noise ratio could reach as high as 90dB to deliver a clean, clutter-free and moisturized sound.

The spokesperson reveals that this Bewitch integrated amplifier features a wide frequency EI output transformer, which has been designed and developed using good quality silicon steel sheets. The output transformer of the amplifier features more than 30 step process and its technology is more advanced and exquisite.  The amplifier is capable of delivering more powerful and sweet sound and can also create a powerful momentum.

Customers can now also purchase the Jungson JA-88D Deluxe edition tube integrated amplifier from China-hifi-Audio.  With a shipping weight of 33kg, this Class A amplifier can operate on a voltage from 100V to 240V. The online store has 100% brand new JA-88D amplifier which they ship with a remote control. According to the spokesperson, this original Class A amplifier features the full balanced transmission technology, and it is a company’s flagship product that inherits a noble descent.  With the same core and JA-1/JA-99C technology, the deluxe edition has almost the same key components to maintain the best sound quality. The product features the Swiss watch technology and the German precision technology. It has been carefully crafted with the power indicator and a dedicated header dial. The amplifier also achieves an unparalleled quality because of the use of the digital steeper potentiometer and the remote control technology. The luxury wooden remote control enhances the user experience.

One can learn more about both the deluxe edition integrated amplifiers by visiting the website https://www.china-hifi-audio.com.

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